Hello Ms. June. I very excited to tell you that i already received the item yesterday about 8:30 pm. iloveitsoooomuch! :* Thank you so much for the friendly service eventhough i paid the payment late. u still considering and reserved it for me.

Frankly said that, this is the first time i met the online shopper who would sending text message and you're the first one who texting me. Yaaa. Most of online shopper preferred whatsapp/wechat. Since im not using it, its hard for me to buy their items.

Hahaha. Very awkward to email informally like this with online shopper. But, as i hve been treated in friendly way, there's no awkward anymore.

Last but not least, i really love your friendly services and also the item. Keep it up ya! ^_^

Thank you so much :)

Testimonial By: Safirah