Secret Tips for Accessories Dropship Beginners

👋👋 Aloha lovelies! How are you doing?? laughing

Here SisJune wants to share some tips and tricks for all of you.

SisJune knows that a lot of you girls are doing online business like dropship and want to go online to sell fashion accessories like earrings or necklaces online. 

Let me tell you, doing online business or dropship can be fun and enjoyable but sometimes you need to know some skills so you can be good at doing dropship or online business. 

Do you want to know some skills that you can have when doing online business and dropshipping, especially in promoting necklaces or earrings or bracelets or rings or fashion accessories??? Hehe

Here we go, SisJune will share some of your questions and tips to do dropship and online business. wink

So first, to do dropship and sell online, you always need to 


“SisJune, recently I received lots of new followers and friends on my Instagram and Facebook but I didn't make any sales. Are there any tips you can share?”

So Of Course there is!! No worries girls, SisJune here to help you out!

Actually you can do some ideas like this :

  1. Try to Give them RM 3 - RM 5 discount for their first purchase
  2. You can Ask something like “I’ve seen you follow my Instagram , thank you so much for following me , may I know what type of accessories you are looking for?’ 
  3. Know that If the new followers/friends is a guy it might be because he looking for a gift for his beloved one

People follow us or add us as friends on social media because the way you arrange your Instagram feed or because your postings are pretty to them and they wanna know more about you!

Here some extra tips for you girl:

  • Change your Instagram to the business account. Instagram insights will let you know which post your followers like and you can use the insights to arrange feeds better.

“Really SisJune?! And then can I know how many people visit my profile even though they didn’t follow me?”

Yes exactly! You can check on the insight setting to make your feed better.

So for SisJune believes now that your task is now to make sure you greet your new followers and friends ya girls!! And don’t forget to change your Instagram to a business account!

Am I answering your question girls?

The different strategy led to a different result, don’t ever give up to get a better result! cool

Make sure you start your work with a fresh mindset ya girls!

Okay next, SisJune wants to share to all of you that doing dropship or selling fashion girls’ accessories on


“SisJune I just started a dropship, is there any way to make people know about my online business?”

Of Course! there is a way you can gain more followers and friends on social media too.

Here are my tips and tricks :

  1. Make sure your Instagram / Facebook have detail about your products
  2. Make sure your post or feed makes people feel “wow! This earring look so pretty”
  3. Also, post something funny and friendly

“But I’ve done all of that Sisjune but still got no customer”

Nope, you are not done yet girl! You just miss something important.

“Eh, what do you mean ya SisJune? Can you explain?”

  • Always Be your customer’s friend and it would be lots easier to close sales! money-mouth

You can always do:

  1. Reply to their story (Facebook / Instagram) and status (WhatsApp)
  2. Make sure you reply with chill/santai and friendly
  3. Like and comment to their photo - show that you are interested with them and care / share some likes and loves

So make sure you try out these steps:

  • Try to Reply to your customers status/story
  • Make sure you post about 4-5 photos with the best caption
  • If you have a testimonial from your previous customer also post there to build trust

“ What kind of caption should I put ya SisJune?”

It can be Something like: Only for today!! Limited Promo/Sale, pick any 2 designs to get 1 free earrings!!

So far did you learn something new from these tips? wohooo

Right now, it is always important for anyone who is doing dropship and selling online such as selling fashion’s accessories like necklaces or earrings to always remember that


Do you ever have a customer suddenly missing in action? Even if you didn’t start a conversation yet?

“Yes SisJune! Sometimes they ignore me after know the price”

  • It's not because of the price but because you didn’t value your product enough!

Most of the reason why your customer is missing in action is:

  • Gonna wear it next month or not rushing
  • Waiting for payday
  • They think your promotion/product is always available

Let me share the secrets to solve this problem!

For customers who are not rushing, can you make them rush? how?

  • Tell them this design only left 1 piece
  • Can post by today and will get the item less than 5 days
  • There’s another customer asking for the same design

For customers who are waiting for payday

  • Ask them when, is it an early month or late month? In a friendly way okay
  • Ask for a booking, reason like bcoz this earring only left 1 piece
  • Booking can be both for product and promo

Don’t make your customers feel this promo is always available. Why?

  • They not gonna buy with you because they end up not interested anymore or found a better design from another seller
  • Make sure you put a limited time to make them excited
  • Yes you can ask them to book for this promo

So far is everything clear girls???

Hopefully, all these tips and sharing can help all of you! 

Thank you for reading and All the Best! Do not give up and Keep Going ya! laughing

Do not worry to take risks and do try and error. Always be your best and do your best!

You are A Star! Shine Bright! innocent

Cheers, SisJune! kiss